Journal of Astrobiology
Peer Review

Peer Review

All articles will be peer reviewed and must be revised accordingly--including those written by the editors. The Journal of Astrobiology and Space Science Research is open to all points of view, even those the editors disagree with.

Instead of using peer review as a means of rejecting articles,"Peer Review" will be a means of improving an article, to make it scholarly, up-to-date, and interesting, and provide guidelines for revision.

Offering readers a buffet of brilliant, interesting, peer-reviewed scientific articles representing a variety of viewpoints, serves to advance science.

Peer Review / Revision:

1) Articles are also invited by the Editors who will search google scholar for the names of all scientists who have published peer reviewed research, within the last 6 years, on the topics related to each edition of the Journal.

2) Invitation does not guarantee publication.

3) The Managing Editor will: A) issue invitations, and process, review, and send out manuscripts for peer review as they arrive, or return to the authors those which are not suitable; B) arrange for revision; D) review and provide the revised manuscripts and reviewer's comments to the appropriate editors who would either tentatively accept or request additional revisions.

4) The Guest Editors and Editor-in-Chief receives the final peer reviewed and revised article (and Referee comments) only after the article has been thoroughly vetted by the editors, at which point the article will be accepted or returned to the author for additional revisions.